Juba 9/26/10

I woke up again from 3:45 until 5 am and then slept until 1030.  It is very hot today and I will be traveling to the village of Aweil tomorrow.  Went over to the MSF office with Hege and put my valuables in their safe.  There is no need to bring much money nor credit cards to Aweil.

Then Hege and I went to the (WFP) world food project to pick up my plane ticket for tomorrow.  There is garbage everywhere along and the streets and often it just smells of raw sewage.  We get stared at everywhere we go.  The children either say “morning” or “money.”

Next we went over to the JIT which is the big grocery store in town but really it’s smaller than a basic wallgreens but has more but not very sophisticated food selections.

We ate at the nearby queen of Sheba restaurant and it was hot as hell outside. The currency is Sudanese pounds: about 2.5 SP per dollar and the restaurant was very expensive.

I spent some time trying to get my two bags pared down to a combined 15 kg but I’m not there yet.  I’m at about 19 and do not want to leave more stuff here.  It’s hot and smells of filth here and I am already eager to get home.

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