Denali: The Final Prep


Up until a few weeks ago, I was working out about 5-7 hours a day in my final month before my Denali climb. I was excited and nervous.  Over the last two weeks I came down with a what seemed like serious sinus infection and an asthma-like cough.  It negatively affected my energy level and I almost backed out of the trip.  Denali is the real deal and everything needs to be right, especially your health.  I am a physician and I sought advice from three different doctors and none of us could figure out what was going on with my cough and runny nose.  It made me realize how frustrating it can be to be a patient.  After trying every over the counter cold and cough medicine, it seems as though it was particularly harsh allergies from the southern California spring pollen.  I decided to get out of California and head up to Alaska a few days early. 

I decided to save all my new gear purchases to be done in Anchorage since the sales tax was better than California and anything I bought in California was more gear to bring in my luggage.  I landed in Anchorage at 12:45 am and it was light out.  The views of the mountains were absolutely amazing.  I was so excited looking upon the white capped mountains from the plane.  My Denali expedition was finally here.

I am staying with my friends Sally and Gray in Anchorage for a few days to get some final prep work done. After a good sleep I went out for a hike followed by some last minute gear shopping at REI and AMH.  Dinner was at Simon and Seaforts and I do believe I had one of the very best seafood meals of my life: the Halibut Cheeks.  The fresh cool Alaskan air has already made me feel completely better. 

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