Working on no Sleep

Slept better.  Got cool during early morning which was nice but the night was hot.  Lots of weird animal noises.  Howling dogs at 2 am, Roosters at 3 am.  4 am there was a pack of animals jumping from roof to roof.  It wasn’t dogs, cats, or birds.  I think it was monkeys.

Did an excision and removal of foreign body on a kid today.  He had some sourgum or some kind of plant in his subcutaneous tissue.  It was awkward to have a knife again and to suture but I liked it.  I did not use the bovie like I would have in the usa so hopefully he won’t bleed too much.

Had a 8 yo girl with a distal tib fib fx and open wound from a hippopotamus bite.  It was very swollen.  I had no idea what type of cast or splint to do but I was worried about compartment syndrome.

Did csection at midnight.  I had laid down only for 5 minutes and Janet came and said section.  The spinal was very difficult but i got it.

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