Ever Want to Do an Ironman Triathlon?

Ever think about doing an ironman?  Crazy right?  I thought about it when I was in high school and recently decided to go for it.  The problem is that I have had pain in my knees and IT bands when trying to run or bike for the last 20 years.  Well, I finally decided that enough was enough.  I wanted to get to the bottom of this knee pain.  I just want to b able to go out and run or ride a bike whenever I want without suffering pain.  So I had to dig into the literature, do a lot of physical therapy, and I started training.  The key to moving forward was first figuring out what the problem is.  And at the moment it is a significant muscle weakness and imbalance.  Specifically I have weak glutes and hamstrings.  Runners and people who haven’t been exercising much might have the same.  But it’s very hard to figure out what the problem is.  Now that I know, I started doing the therapy.  And the training.  I’m just getting started. 

Here is what I am working on at the moment:

  1. Should I get a coach
  2. What kind of bike should I get
  3. How will I keep healthy
  4. When will I sign up for a race?
  5. How will I balance training with a full time job and a family?

Check back in with me to see if I have been able to answer these questions. 

How about you?  Ever want to do an ironman?  Ever have problems with pain?  How did you overcome it?