Go Vote California. What You Need to Know For the Midterm Election 2018


What is up California?  Today is November 6, 2018 and the most important midterms of our lives is here.  Please go out and exercise your right to vote.

Don’t forget that your voice matters.  The polls are open late and you have a federal right to get be released from your job for an hour to go and vote.  Even if you are too young to vote, that does not mean you get off the hook.  You still should learn about the issues as they affect everyone and your voice on social media matters.

On this podcast I simply read verbatim the content from votesaveamerica.com to provide verbal content just explaining what is on the ballot.

Flying over South Sudan in 2010, just months before the biggest election in the country’s history. That referendum led to the breakup of Sudan into North and South Sudan.

Prop 7 calls for getting rid of daylight savings time changes.

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