Shakti Patel On Patience While Applying to Medical School As a DACA Recipient

This is a special episode because I want to share a story with you, it’s a story about Skakti Patel, an immigrant from Zambia who now lives and works in California.  Here’s the thing though, he’s been here since he was 5 years old and he’s a legal resident here.  His status is called being a DACA recipient.  Shakti and I talk about how he came to the US, and the challenges of being a DACA recipient.  He’s an incredibly talented young man who is applying to medical school and will one day become a doctor.  But like over a million other people, he is here in this country as a legal resident with no clear path to citizenship and he is making a real impact here.  He volunteers for the american red cross, he is involved in the future physician leader program in San Bernadino, and a health scholar at COPE health solutions. 

This is a very special episode because tomorrow is November 6 and that means it’s the midterm elections, probably one of the most important midterms in my lifetime.  We see a nation divided like I have never seen before and what I hope you can take away from Shakti’s story is that there are over a million people in this country who are here legally and do not have the right to be citizens and don’t have the right to vote.  Please listen to his story.  Tomorrow, please go out and exercise that right to vote because your voice really does matter. 


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