Sachin Narayan—From Premed to a Purposeful Medical Career

Sachin Narayan is the founder and former CEO of Cathartic, a non profit company that focuses on preventative health of under-resourced populations. He is recent graduate from the University of Southern California and is matriculating as an MS1 this fall at the Stanford School of Medicine.

In this captivating podcast episode, join me as I sit down with this remarkable young man who achieved the extraordinary feat of getting accepted into the nation’s top medical schools. Discover the secrets behind his success, delve into his insights on navigating the pre-med journey, and explore the intersection of AI and medicine. Together, we explore the inspiring story of how he started a social impact non-profit, while also discussing the profound question of knowing whether a medical career is truly the right path for you. Prepare to be inspired, informed, and empowered by this enlightening conversation.

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