Aweil 9/29

No bites last night and it was the first night that I slept through the night.  It helped to be able to sleep in just boxers.
Cold shower of course but not too bad because it wad already getting warm.  Breakfast was bread rolls and nutella and the kenyan coffee that I brought.  Oh, and the snickers and twix bars and kit kats were a huge hit.

Went to the hospital and did 7 Pedi cases.  Just wounds and then Joe cut off a bone fragment off a child’s finger that was partially amputated and getting infected.  I was able to provide a little guidance about the dressing.

Tried some OMT yesterday on Rupa’s nurse and he had such bad back spasms that I couldn’t do much.  Did a little counterstrain and some muscle energy.

After lunch, did a spinal tap on one of rupa’s patients.  18 mo old baby, very sick.  First tried lateral position, then the medical assistant asked if I wanted to try in the sitting position.  They held the kid down in the sitting position and I got it right away.  Used a 22 g short needle.

Then Janet immediately called me over to maternity for an airway problem in their post partum lady with hep e in fulminant hepatic failure.  We discussed that we would not be able to ventilate her if I intubated her but agreed on an oral airway.  They asked if I wanted to clear out the crowd and I said no and just popped it in in 1 second.

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