I’m Sick in Sudan. But I Love The Work

Aweil, Sudan

Slept terrible last night.  Was very dehydrated this morning and had a few loose stools.  I quickly ran back to base around 1 and slammed a liter of water plus my instant Gatorade and felt a ton better.  Did not have time to eat however because had to do a c-section.

Felt better in the afternoon.  Our hepatitis E lady with the closing airway died this afternoon.  Then we also had uterine rupture and the baby was dead.  So much death all over the place.

But it’s not especially morose with all this sickness and death around us.  The people are so happy to have us.  And our group kicks ass.  I enjoy sitting out in the evening drinking beer with the others.  I could only have one each night because I am on call 24/7 the whole time I am here.  A group of 20 expats is nice.  Toto the Japanese guy has a guitar.  Benjamin the French RN put on my favorite ben Harper album tonight.  Had a cool talk with Rupa about why we both came on a trip with MSF.

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