Updating Your Resume for Students, Doctors, and Nurses: 4 tips

I am on faculty at a major institution.  I look at resumes often whether it is for young students applying to medical or nursing school, CRNA’s, fellow physicians, or well established academic physicians.  Here are a 4 tips:

  1. Call it a CV and not a resume.
  2. Do not say “references available upon request.”  We already know this.  For some strange reason we still are seeing this done.
  3. Please highlight your best stuff.  Put something on your CV that you want to talk about and make sure it grabs the interviewer’s attention.  Sometimes they may read your resume while speaking to you or worse, they might not read it at all!
  4. Be honest.  I wrote on my CV that I could speak intermediate Spanish and the residency director at Yale read that and just started speaking in Spanish to me….right in the middle of the interview.  Since I was honest, I answered in Spanish and I matched their program.  Now, whenever I see someone indicate a foreign language, I try to speak something in that language to see how the applicant responds.

See an academic CV template here and download for free.

What do you think?  Got any great tips for a CV?


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