10 Medical Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Written by: Dr. Michael Mulick, DO

We hate it when we get sick.  It’s terrifying at times.  And it seems so inconvenient to go get checked out by a doctor.  But many of the things listed below can be made better if we get help early.  Could it really be nothing?  Or perhaps something that may change our life?  Maybe, but we just do not know the full story until we get checked out.  If you’re intent on waiting, at least pick up the phone and call your doctor office.  Call anybody.

1. Chest pain
2. Fainting (also known as syncope)
3. Bleeding from anywhere: stool, urine, or from coughing or vomiting
4. Seizures 
5. Depressed and or thoughts about suicide
6. Unintentional weight changes
7. A new mass or lump
8. A fever that can not be controlled 
9. Skin or mole changes 
10. Change in bowel or urine habits

What do you think?  Did I leave something out that needs attention immediately?  I think I could have made the list 10 times longer.  Let me know what you think!

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