hangover worse in the young, not older

Did You Know Hangovers Improve With Age?

­Written by: Dr. Michael Mulick, DO “Do hangovers get worse as we get older?”  The answer is no.   I recently saw two articles on-line that got it wrong.  One from the New York Times and one from the Independent.  There is a growing body of evidence to support this.  A Danish study by Janne Tolstrup surveyed Read more about Did You Know Hangovers Improve With Age?[…]

Santa Rosa Ironman Race Report

Ironman Santa Rosa race report 2017   Friday: pretty hot today.  Drank fluids very well.  Traffic was bad everywhere so it slowed everything down.  I got my workouts done very early up at the lake which was ideal but then still had to wait around until 10 for T1 to open.  I was able to get all the Read more about Santa Rosa Ironman Race Report[…]

Camping Tips, Hacks, and Advice for Beginners


“We gotta go camping!” I told my new girlfriend.  “Uhh, ok, I’ll do it it but it’s not really my thing” she responded.  I knew I had to make it fun, easy, and comfortable or else she might never go again.  I took her on a camping trip for seven days in Yosemite National Park and she fell in love with camping and rock climbing.  Now she says “you gotta camp with Mike, he has rules; he does it the best!”



We are meant to be outside.  We feel the most alive in the wilderness.  I hear a lot of people say “I don’t like camping.”   I can’t blame them if they have had the wrong first experience.  If I had to endure insects, being cold, wet, sleeping on a hard surface, and not eating well, then I would not be excited to ever go camping again. […]