Collin Kachel — The Impact of Tech on Mental Health

Collin Kachel is an educator in Wisconsin, teaching tech education, automotives, robotics, machining, welding, electronics, graphic arts, computer aided design and drafting. He shares his thoughts on the impact of tech (smartphones as an example) on our well-being and the direction society is headed. In this 90 minute podcast, we go deep covering topics from fractured attention to comparing ourselves in the age of instagram. Specifically we try and understand what is happening to young men as they are more isolated and destitute than the previous generations. Are young men in desperate need of a healthy rite of passage?

Colin is a lover of technology but recommends using it as a tool rather than being controlled by it. He often uses analog products in his own home. An analog tool—a tape deck for instance— is specifically for one purpose and using such inventions are focused and brings a sense of tranquility not felt when using digital products.

We also converse about the difference between car-centric and people-centric cities. The latter of which is far more common and illustrates just one of many unhealthy types of communities in which we live. Cities like Boulder, Colorado and Madison, Wisconsin have well protected bike lanes and closed off streets allowing people to enjoy community expereinces where they are the focus rather than feeling threatened by vehicles.

Collin is ultimatley an optimist and thinks we can save ourselves by turning to the mentors of our own communities.

Books mentioned:

Fire in the Belly

The Wonder of Boys



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