April 9, 2016

Reading List

These are absolute must reads.  Please first try and get them for free at the library or on the Overdrive app before you consider paying for them.  


Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy: A book on cognitive behavioral therapy


The Cool Impossible: Author and world class running coach Eric Orton presents an exemplary injury prevention program for ultra running

Eat and Run: Author and world class runner Scott Jurek presents his memoir and vegan recipes that helped him achieve greatness


Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills: Any climber/hiker’s #1 resource for anything in the mountains


Meat is For Pussies: Offensive title but powerful message about the dangers of eating animal products.  Author and musician John Joseph tells it straight up New Yorker politically incorrect and he can reach a demographic that almost nobody else can.

Life Changing

Finding Ultra: Author, recovering alcoholic, and former California Attorney Rich Roll shares his inspirational memoir about how he quit law, became, vegan, and went on to become one of America’s fittest athletes.


The White coat Investor: Emergency Physician and finance blogger Dr. Jim Dahle, MD nails this one with one of the highest yield books on practical finance I have read.  The information is relevant for both high and low-income earners as the principles remain the same.

Career Change

Career Renegade: Author and entrepreneur shares his story and wisdom on how to make that career change that you know you need.


On Writing Well: Probably one of the best books on how to write well.  It’s also just a fun read as Zissner’s pokes fun at politicians, bad writers, and pretty much everybody who can’t synthesize a clear thought.