May 22, 2019

Shadowing Instructions

Thank you for your interest in shadowing Dr. Mulick at The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Shadowing is generally for 10 days within a thirty day time period but can be extended under some circumstances.

Please find the paperwork below to be completed to begin the approval process.  Please send copies of the immunizations that are indicated on Attachment E. Beginning 10/1/19, you will have to show evidence of getting the 2019-2020 vaccine.

Also, please note that if you are going to shadow for less than one week, you will only have to return the following forms: Observer Clearance Form – No Badge, Attachment D – HIPAA and HITECH, Attachment E – Immunizations
Return your paperwork back to:

Theresa McNamee Sr. Administrative Assistant
Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine
Division of Medical Education and Faculty Development

Send the documents at your earliest convenience. Please note that it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to get you approved.

Medical Education FAQ

Environment of Care



Confidentiality Statement

Observer Privilege Form Students

Expectations of Observer and Sponsor

Observation of Patient Care